Deck The Chairs 2015

Deck the Chairs truly brings the spirit of the holidays to Jacksonville Beach. This year, I represented AIGA through the design and construction for an underwater themed chair.

My main goal was to create a display that was enjoyable during the day and magical at night. I came across a quote that really inspired the design concept:

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” – Robert Wyland.

It was then that I decided to make an underwater theme with a whimsical touch.

The Deck the Chairs team was very helpful and assisted with wood cutting and mounting, so I was able to work on the pieces ahead of time. In an effort to save cost, I only utilized paint that was donated to me and made it work to my advantage. Designing the chair required a good understanding of scale, proportions, color theory, research of prices and materials, and detailed instructions on how to build the elements.

As designers, we are trained to be problem solvers and it was a valuable skill during the process of this project. It was great to see something sketched out on paper come to life perfectly as a 3D oversized outdoor display.blowfish

Once it was all done and the chairs were lit up, you look around and see people smiling. Everyone is in awe at the amazing work put forth by the different businesses and volunteers in an effort to raise funds for the Jacksonville Lifeguards. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Grecia Valenzuela, my family, and some DTC friends who helped me with wood cutting, painting, and setting up the lights.whale_katya

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