Textured Font

I had so much fun designing this digital menu for a client. Keeping it simple was the key since there was so much information to pack into the space. The distance of where the customer would be standing was one big important aspect to considering while designing this menu. After designing the layout and typesetting all the information, I had an awkward space to the left that I needed to make look better. Placing the word Menu vertically was a fun way to add interest to the otherwise boring design. Since the Starbucks logo was the one design element that was required for the design, I used the green to add interest to the titles and keep it all simple, styled and cohesive.

The next step was to look for a display font that would add interest and be legible in a vertical orientation. Creative Market is one of my favorite online resources when it comes to searching for assets that will elevate my design, I always find what I’m looking for and love to contribute to the success of other creatives. The variety of prices and styles makes it really affordable and convenient. Chalky Letters font collection by Anastasia Dimitriadi was just the perfect find for this project and have used it a few other times while trying not to get too carried away. To see the full collection and other great examples of this font visit Creative Market and don’t forget to check out the FREE goodies of the week! 

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